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Modern led bathroom lighting – Continuing with the series of examples of LED applications for the home. Today we will take care of the bathroom. I do not think it is necessary to repeat myself with the simpler applications that can be give to the led. I.e. to replace the bulbs or fluorescents of a lifetime. So let’s try to go a step further. And see how led solutions can give to our bathroom that personal touch at the same time that we save in the invoice of the light.

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If the objective is to achieve a relaxing modern led bathroom lighting effect. We will be interested in the light being diffuse by the walls and ceilings and not in sight. The back or top of any bathroom furniture is often an ideal place for this. Although the best thing would be to opt for an RGB solution, which would ensure that the whole family had a color of their liking, we can always opt for a color led solution but no RGB; green, blue and yellow colors are always a good choice.

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And to finish just showing you these spectacular modern led bathroom lighting, what do you think? Specifically the one of this video changes of color according to the temperature of the water. Should we try to add them in our catalog in a simpler version at a more affordable price? Such as including heat sensors but without electronic controls?

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