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Ceiling lighting LED – When we want to illuminate a room, we have several options to achieve it. The lamps allow us numerous decorative possibilities, although the usual thing is to opt for the traditional. Hang a ceiling lamp in the central part of the stay. From this place, the focus gets a regular and homogenous illumination on all the spaces of the room. But how do we proceed in order to connect the lamp to the ceiling through the mains? It’s very simple. To begin with, it is not bad to remember that we must get a strong and safe adjustment. Since the weight of the lamp not only can deteriorate the ceiling. But can cause an unfortunate accident.

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Ceiling lighting LED, the normal and common tacos that can be used to place tables or coat stands find. In the case of roofs, a huge variety of specimens much more resistant. Since they have to carry much weight attached to a totally horizontal surface. You can peel the cables that lead the electric current through the roof, connecting them to a strip. Then place the expansion block with the corresponding plate, if any using the drill with the appropriate bit to make the hole.

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When there is no box to flush the ceiling lighting LED, we usually find only a tube that hides the wires. In this case, the hole for the block will have to separated a few centimeters from the pipe. The most common is that the lamps incorporate a kind of hood that facilitates the fastening to the socket and that allows to connect the cables correctly. Now we only have to attach the lamp cap to the ceiling firmly.

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